Contentment and the Lady Vols

I don’t usually watch women’s college softball.  However, the success of the Lady Vols this year with Monica Abbott on the pitcher’s mound compelled me to tune in.  I was excited by the prospect of the team winning the Women’s College World Series.  They won the 1st of the best of 3 series on Monday and I just knew that they would win the whole thing.  All they needed to do was win one of the remaining 2 games.  I was positive and pumped up.

 Then Tuesday came and they lost in the 10th inning.  Then came Wednesday and another defeat meant losing the national championship series.

What should the players and coaches do?  Should they think of all the lost opportunities and spend their time wallowing in sadness?

 The truth is that in our lives there will be disappointments.  These sometimes occur because of our own mistakes and errors, but they sometimes happen because of the negligence of others.  When trials hit us out of nowhere and our dreams go down the tube, what will we do?

 The best way to keep going is with contentment in our souls.  Content with doing the best we can with what we have.  Content with realizing that we are not perfect and mistakes are part of the human experience.  Content with the what God has given us.

Joy is not found in how much we can achieve, but in being content regardless of the circumstance.  Good or bad, we all are doing better than we deserve.  


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