Fred Thompson’s Important Quote

First:  I am not endorsing Fred Thompson for President with this entry.  He may or may not be a good candidate; it is still up in the air.  But he did have an interesting quote this week. 

An AP story that I read in the Knoxville News-Sentinel (  had this quote from Thompson about running for President.  “If a person craves power for the sake of power, if he craves the office for the sake of holding office, he’s got his priorities mixed up. It’s a desire to do something, not be something.”

I like this quote and I hope that all of those who are considering a run for the White House believe this. 

I also hope that this is how we who follow Christ view our lives.  I hope that we have a desire to do something with what we believe, not just be something.  

Faith without works is really no faith at all.  See  James  2:14-26.

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