An Unexpected Response

I write a monthly column in the Knoxville News-Sentinel as part of their Community Columnists line-up in the Sunday “Perspectives” section.  This week’s column was a Christian apology to non-Christians for the unchristlike behavior that we often exhibit.  The article can be found here:,1406,KNS_2797_5575498,00.html

I was not expecting the enormous (and overwhelming) response that I received.  So far the e-mail tally is somewhere between 30-35.  There were Christians who agreed with me, which was encouraging.  There were also many who have been hurt by Christians or by the Church in general.

I have enjoyed corresponding with them and hope to continue to do so.  There are so many with honest and heart-felt questions who just need someone who can discuss things with them without condemning them. 

I pray that more will seek and that more Believers will be willing to have open diagalogue with those who may disagree with them..


5 thoughts on “An Unexpected Response

  1. As one of the many who responded to his incredibly well-written column; I’d like to post some props for Matt. I was very moved and grateful for the column and have been communicating with him regularly. Unlike many I have encountered in my very long, sometimes painful, seemingly never-ending spiritual journey; Matt seems to be someone I can trust to be honest, compassionate and understanding. I look forward to reading what he has to say.

  2. Thanks for your words, Julianne. I truly believe that one of the best ways to grow is to communicate with each other. I look forward to corresponding with you and with others who want to keep the conversation going.

  3. I to would like to compliment Matt. After reading his column i emailed him in regards to many issues. We have been discussing homosexuality and many of the issues revolving around that subject.

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