Not Seeking and Not Finding

My Dad is an avid shark-tooth hunter when he is at the beach.  This is not an endeavor that he is able to engage in often, but when he goes to the beach he usually comes home with over 300 of them.  I’m not sure how he does it (or why for that matter) but he always manages to gather up a large amount of the hard-to-spot little things from the sand. 

I spent the last week vacationing at Myrtle Beach.  If you ever have the opportunity to spend the week at the beach with two 3-year olds, a 4-year old, and a 5-year old…don’t.  Just kidding; it was ok and they really seemed to enjoy it.  Anyway, before I left I told my dad that if I found any shark teeth that I would give them to him.

 I din’t find any.  Can you guess why?  I never really looked for any.  There were a couple of times that I peered down at the sand and wondered if there were any shark teeth down there, but I never bent over for a closer look.  I spent most of my time telling my kids that it is not nice to try to drown each other.

I wonder how many people treat seeking after God the same way.  They say that they want to find truth about God and His ways, but are so busy with other things that they never really get around to it. 

If we want to find, we must first seek.  That’s a pretty simple idea.  I wonder why so many (including myself at times) don’t do it.


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