8 = Great

July 3, 1999 was when Krisy and I got hitched.  It has now been eight years and I love her more than ever.  Our relationship has changed some, mostly because of children.  However, her heart is still as big as ever and she continually wows me (and puts me to shame) with her compassion.

I used to say things like:  “we’ve been married 7 wonderful year, eight altogether.  That 2nd year was a bad one.”  That statement is somewhat accurate.  During the 2nd year we dealt with depression and unfulifilled dreams. 

 But now that I have gotten older and hopefully wiser, I  consider all of our years together to be wonderful, especially that 2nd year.  During that year I believe that our commitment to each other was solidified through trials.  I grew up a lot simply because I had no other choice. 

 If it were not for that rough year, I would not be who I am today.  I need to remember that, in life, it is the hard times that often determine the content of my character.  Viewing the bad patches this way will make them easier to get through and I will probably be more apt to remain thankful regardless of the circumstance.

To Kristy:  I love you.   Thank you for being my wife and my best friend.


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