Simple Faith

I envy those with simple faith.  Those who never really question anything and just simply put their faith and trust in what they read in the Bible and hear from their pastor.  They have never been plagued by doubt nor have they ever wrestled with the apparent discrepancies in the Bible.  They just simply believe.

That is not to say that I have a weak faith.  To the contrary, I feel that my faith is as robust as it has ever been.  I am, however, in posession of an inquisitive mind and am in a position where people bring questions about the biblical text to me.  It is a fascinating ride, but I often am shocked by my lack of knowledge.  My faith in God has been tested in the fires of cross-examination.  So far, my faith has not weakened.  It has gained in strength. 

Somtimes, though, I feel saddened that I can’t have that simple faith that my Grandparents had.  But, we weren’t all created the same, were we?


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