The Same Ingredient Required

I have been pondering the status quo.  In the lives of people everywhere, in businesses, in churches, and in just about everything else there seems to be an aversion to change.  So instead of taking a chace and possibly succeeding greatly, we sit still and do nothing of significance. 

The fear of failure is one of the main reasons why change does not happen.  Why take the chance when everything is basically fine without it.  If we try and fail, there is so much to lose.  We could lose both self-respect and the respect of others who now see us as failures.  The time and energy it took to try are also lost forever.  And for what–nothing.

There is, of course, the possibility of success.  We could dream a dream or foresee a need for change in our lives or the organizations that we are part of and go for it.  In going for it, we could actually see the dream become reality or see the change make us better spouses, parents, workers, leaders and the organizatons we are a part of (including churches) to become so much more than what they are now. 

The same thing that is required for failur is also required for success.  That all important ingredient is RISK.

How important is becoming who you were meant to become?  How important is to you for your family, business, or church to reach its potential?  If it is important, then you should get comfortable with risk.  It can lead to great success.  But if it leads to failure, we should view that as ok, too.  Because at least we have tried to spread our wings, at least we have went for it, at least we can look back without the regret of having a dream and never trying to see it come to life. 


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