The Legion of Misfit Super Heroes

Every weekday I drive one hour to work and one hour back home.  What do I do with all that time?  Mostly the usual; listen to the radio, make a few phone calls, pray (eyes open, of course) and daydream.

 The stuff I daydream about varies from the serious to the silly.  I had a silly one earlier this week.  Here it is:

What if there were a group of Super Heroes who weren’t so super.  They could be called the Legion of Misfit Super Heroes.  Who would make up this group?  Thanks for asking.

 There could be someone who has the power of flying, but not real fast.  For instance, he could fly about the speed of someone walking real fast.  It would be cool to fly, but his power would be limited by being sort of slow.

Another one could have the power of super speed, but have bad knees.  He could do great things, but he really doesn’t want to because it hurts so bad.

 There could be a woman who is who can become 30 feet tall with super strength, but she has severe agoraphobia (afraid to leave her house).  On the occasions that she leaves her house to save someone, she screams the whole time and is a nervous wreck.

 Another could have the power to read people’s thoughts, but it always comes to him in a different language that he does not know.  He has to take along dictionaries that are spanish/english, french/english, japanese/english, etc. everywhere he goes.

The one I think that would be the most interesting would be to have a man with all the powers that Superman possesses, but he has a conjoined twin who does not have any powers at all.  His twin wants nothing to do with fighting crime and occasionally tries to sabotage the efforts of the hero.  So the hero would do all he could to rescue others, but would have to drag along his brother, kicking and screaming.

If you saw me going down the interstate earlier this week laughing my head off, now you know why.

By the way, aren’t most of us similar to this.  We have certain things that we do extremely well, but our weaknesses threaten to sabotage the good that we could possibly do. 

Think about it.


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