Doubting God

I spoke with a young lady recently who said that she is doubting God and that she is angry with Him.  She experienced a tragedy a few months ago and doesn’t understand why it happened. 

To be honest, I don’t understand why certain things happen either.  Sure, I could give the normal “preacher” answers that make sense to the head but not always the heart.  Instead, I told her that I can understand why she feels the way she does.  I told her to hang in there with God; to not give up on Him. 

The problem of evil in the world seems to be the main reason why some reject God.  I can understand that to an extent. 

I guess what helps me is knowing that God did do something about all the bad that exists in the world.  He entered into the world to redeem it.  I can see that happening as people of faith who follow the lead of Jesus step up to the plate to help alleviate the sufferings of others. 

No one will completely understand all of the mysteries of God on this side of the “curtain,” but one day we will.  And what a great day that will be!


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