Funny Question

Yesterday I preached a sermon using the parable of the prodigal son.  In that story, the father of the returned son tells his servant to prepare a “fatted calf” to eat. 

After the sermon and invitation, I usually ask if anyone has anything to say before we dismiss.  This is a common occurrence in smaller churches, but not so much in bigger ones.  Normally one or two adults will say something, but this time a little hand shot up from the back of the church.

It was a ten year old boy.  “I have a question.”  I acknowledged him and told him to go ahead. 

He asked, “Why did they eat a fatted calf?  Why didn’t they have a ham or something?”

Of course this generated a lot of laughter.  I told him that I would probably rather have ham, too.  Then I thought for a moment.  Jesus was speaking to Jews, so the characters in the story would have been understood as being Jews as well.  So, it could not have been a ham since their dietary laws prohibited them from eating pig. 

 What I thought was the best thing about his question is that he was listening.  I praise God for that.


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