So Far, So Good

Kristy and I went for her ultrasound today and everything looks good so far.  She is 4 weeks, 6 days along, so the baby hasn’t really formed much yet.  We have some pictures of the gestational sac and the yolk sac.  The due date is May 20, 2008.

The kids are more excited than they were before.  When we first told them, Noelle (5) the only girl of the bunch, said that she was going to pack her bags and move out.  We convinced her to change her mind.

Later, the kids were suggesting names for the baby.  Some of the names were pretty good.  Finally, Matthew (3) spoke up and said with a stutter “W-w-w-w-we can call him Biscuit.”  Biscuit Cannon; that has a pretty good ring to it.


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