Little Earth

While driving to work earlier this week, I was struck with how small Earth really is in comparison to the galaxy and the universe.  We are insulated against this fact by our busy lives and our big egos.  But in the grand scheme of things, we aren’t really grand at all. 

While the Earth is small in comparison to all that is, I realize that I am small in comparison to all the people that are.  How stupid of us to act as though we are islands all to ourselves.

Even with these two realities staring me in the face, I believe that we are still special.  Not because of how great we are, but because we are created beings with a Creator to love. 

Yes, there is pain in this world.  Yes, there are unexplainable tragedies.  But there is still goodness, there are still values common to us all, and there is still hope.  Those things can not be possible with out something greater than us. 


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