New Reality Series Coming Soon

I was looking at our church van with a couple of guys after church and we came up with a new reality show that we hope will take off.  It’s called “Trick My Church Van.”  We thought about “Pimp My Church Van,” but didn’t feel right using the word pimp and church in the same title.

 Some churches may want to have an urban flavor.  We could lower their van, put 20 inch rims on it and spinners on the wheels.  We could put some hydraulics on it to lift and lower the van and a big ole spoiler on top.  There could be a hot tub in the back of the van and a bar (serving only communion juice, of course). 

For the churches located where the necks are a little more red, we could put a lift kit on the van and hook it up with some large muddin tires.  Outfitting it with 4 wheel drive would be a must have.  We could put mud flaps behind the back tires that say “Git Er Done Fer Jesus!” 

All of this was said in jest of course.  However, I bet it won’t be long before there are some Christian Reality shows come down the pike.  I could see Joel Osteen having his own reality show titled “Life with Smiley” or “Christian Mullets Rock.”

But, I hope not.


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