WWJD? about Kathy Griffin’s Comments

Here is a link to my latest column in the Knoxville News-Sentinel: http://knoxnews.com/news/2007/oct/07/like-christ/.

It is sad that so many Christians get upset about blasphemous statements and in doing so violate the example of their Savior.  Which is worse?

God help us.


One thought on “WWJD? about Kathy Griffin’s Comments

  1. Matt….I sent the note below to you in a personal e-mail and then you informed me that you also have this blog site. I will post it here also and perhaps we can get some others to chime in on this subject matter.

    Here is what I sent you:

    I want to thank you very much for writing the editorial article that appeared in the News-Sentinel on Sunday, October 7th. I couldn’t agree with your position more! You also did a very nice job in graciously wording the article and presenting what I believe is the “Mind of Christ” on this subject matter.

    One of my favorite teachers has a line that he often repeats which says that “we must turn our criticism into intercession”. This is very true and one of the major stumbling blocks of the Body of Christ in our present age. If we would render ourselves in prayer and intercession for the things that we see as wrong, perhaps we would see true change and transformation in our communities and maybe even outright revival!

    Once again, thanks for “standing in a gap” that needs to be filled and being a voice for Jesus and letting all of us know what He would do with this situation!

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