Does It Matter?

I’m a newspaper reader.  Everyday, I read pretty much the entire Knoxville News-Sentinel.  I start with the Sports page mainly because my brain is not always active early in the morning.  I then proceed to the comics page and whatever is around that.  Then I look at the national news and end with local news and editorials. 

But now, I’m trying to simplify.  And it is hard.  I put so much information into my little brain everyday, that I sometimes fail to focus on what is important.  So I’m asking myself as I begin reading:  Does it matter? 

 That doesn’t mean that I won’t look at the sports section, but I am sure to do more skimming.  That doesn’t mean that there is not room for entertainment, but maybe not so much.

 My time is limited, so I need to try to make the most of it.  The best way to do this is to “simplify, simplify.”


2 thoughts on “Does It Matter?

  1. yes, it does matter
    regardless of where your time is invested, if you try and fill your cup entirely from one source, it will become overbalanced
    you need to read the paper starting with the sports, if that is what allows your mind to relax and gives you pleasure
    it’s a question of balance
    whether its a job, your family, or your other interests, the whole is made up of parts and there has to be some “me” time, even if it is spent reading the sports page
    or reading a book……….or bowling….or watching ducks swim on a lake
    overfocused adds stress

  2. Good points. Overfocused does add stress, but I think that I have been overfocused by trying to spreach the focus out too much. I won’t stop doing what I enjoy, but I’ll try to become to stringent about get everything read. It was almost like I was having newspaper OCD; having to read all of the paper everyday.

    Thanks for the comment.

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