Enjoy the Journey

I am going through some leadership traing for work the next few days.  The first day was today and part of it was about how little we really know about ourselves.  A question was asked:  What is one thing that you really know right now about yourself?

 My answer was:  I am not the me that I will one day be. 

For me, change is inevitable.  There are some people who never seem to change, but I think that even they do.  I am not talking about changing core beliefs pertaining to my faith.  However, I think that the way that I express my faith will change. 

I used to think that the most important thing I could as a Christian was study the Bible.  Now I know that studying it without putting what is says into action is un-Christ-like. 

 I also used to think that doing great big things for God was what I needed to focus on.  Now I know that anything that I do, as long as it is done with great love, it just as good and maybe even better. 

 I used to stress out about doing everything just right.  Now I realize that God’s grace is sufficient for me as I try to follow Him and fail from time to time.

 Right now, on my journey, the pressure is off.  I realize that God is working on me to make me what I am meant to be.  I, of course, need to play an active role in it.  However, as I read my Bible, pray, and practice what I read, I will be changed.

I am continually becoming a a better me; in the meantime I will continue to lean upon God and enjoy the journey.


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