The Best Version

What is the best version of the Bible?  I get that question frequently and now have an absolute definitive answer. 

 Drum roll, please……..

The best version is the one that you will read.

Yes, there are a few that I would not recommend.  However, the ones that you will find at most of the main Christian bookstores are fine.  I still preach from the KJV because most of the members of my church use it, but I also have an NIV, NASB, and an ESV.  Also, my wife has the Message Bible (gasp!). 

There are differences, of course.  Some are more word for word (KJV and NASB) and others are more thought for thought (NIV and ESV, to an extent).  The ones I mentioned and several others still contain the wonderful message of the Gospel. 

There are some who get really bent out of shape about all of this.  If you are one of them, please try to lighten up.  Some of the most dynamic, life-changing churches use non-KJV Bibles.  God is still God and He is still good regardless of the version. 

So read the Word.  Don’t just read it, ponder it.  Don’t worry about reading long passages all at once.  If that is what you want to do, fine.  But don’t confine yourself to that.  Read one verse over and over until you get it or study particular topics.  The Bible contains fantastic stories and lessons about God’s grace and love for us.  If you do not understand it, get study helps.  If you have difficulty reading, there is the Bible on tape.

Try it and you will be challenged in ways you never thought possible.


2 thoughts on “The Best Version

  1. Hey Matt,

    Wow, you have entered the blog world! I had one for awhile, but deleted it, because it seemed to scream to me all the time, as well as other blogs I read. Anyways, I was sent this way through a chain of people. It sounds like you life has turned amazing! Congrats on all of your blessings in life! Wes and I will be coming back to TN in December, and I was wondering if you guys would be up for a visit. Our schedule is starting to look hectic, and I am honestly not looking forward to it. But I am excited that this is Wes’s first time back in 3 years. So let me know what you think. I will check back often to hear what is going on with you and the family. Pastors Blogs are who I frequent the most, because it is usually so uplifting. I am working for our church now, and loving it. Check it out at
    Lots has changed around here, many blessings as well, and always looking for what God has planned for us next.
    Have a great one,

  2. Brooke,

    It’s great to hear from you. I was just thinking about you, Wes, and your family the other day. Yes, it would be nice to visit with you all. No pressure, though, since I can imagine how much stuff you will try to jam in to your visit. I’ll send you an e-mail in just a bit with other info on it. Thanks for reading.

    God Bless,

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