Freakin’ Typos

Typos used to drive me bananas.  I would see them and change them in my own writings, and question the intelligence of someone whose writings were filled with them.  My reaction to them was borderline OCD as my eyes seemed to pick them up with astonishing ease. 

Then a funny thing happened and I have no idea when it occurred.  Now, I just don’t care. 

Sure, I still edit the columns that I send in to the newspaper and e-mails that I send at work.  But in every thing else, I rarely ever notice them.  In my opinion, blogs are supposed to be your raw ideas and sometimes in expressing them, mistakes occur.

So I wante to say thinks to allo f you whov’e knowtised my spleling and gramatickal errers adn hav’nt sed enythang.   i rell yapreciete it, moer then oyou kno.


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