The Quest Continues

The title of this blog is “the Seeking Pastor.”  One of the main things that I am seeking for is authenticity in my Christian walk.  Unfortunately, I failed again tonight.

Someone told me of a situation in their life and I told them that I would pray.  I absolutely intend to do just that.  However, what I should have, could have done is stop right there and pray with them immediately. 

I believe that we miss wonderful opportunities to show love and bond with others when we hesitate to pray with someone right away.  It seems awkward when you first start doing this, but the end result is that the person feels loved and you have improved in unity with another. 

While I do this pretty well on occassion, there are other times when I slip up and fail to do what I want to do. 

The challenge:  Whenever anyone tells us of any problems they are having, let’s say “Can I pray with you about that right now?”  If they say yes, then pray.  If they say no, then tell them you will be praying for them. 

 Sounds simple, doesn’t it?  Simple doesn’t always mean easy.  Trust me.


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