Little Blessings

It’s almost 11 pm and the house is finally quiet.  Kristy is asleep in her recliner with Cooking and Biscuist (our 2 chihuahuas) sleeping in her lap. 

I just took an opportunity to look at Noelle, Bradley, Jonathan, and Matthew as they lay slumbering in their beds, their bodies contorted in ways that we make me unable to walk for a week.

The house is not as clean as I would like, work has been tiring, the news is telling of devastating fires in California, and my left ankled is swollen and various shades of blue from twisting/spraining it this past Saturday.

But life is still good.  Not because there is a lack of suffering, but because there is an abudance of blessings.  I would start trying to count all of my blessings, but I have to go to bed soon.  I’m sure I wouldn’t have enough time.

Little Blessings from a Big God. 

He is Worthy of All Praise.


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