Different Levels

In high school, we had 3 boys basketball teams.  There was the Freshman team, the Junior Varisty (JV) team, and the Varsity team.  More was expected of the Varsity than the JV, and more was expected of the JV than the Freshman.  If a player from a “lower level” played with players from a “higher level,” then those on the higher level had to have patience with the lower level.  It was intuitive since everyone knew that there was a difference.

In church, people are on different levels as well.  This occasionally leads to frustration on the part of some who on are a higher level.  Unfortunately, some of them automatically expect others to grow quickly into what they ought to be.

In truth, many people spend years on a very low spiritual plane.  There could be a variety of reasons for this.  Lack of practicing spiritual disciplines (bible study, prayer, evangelism, etc.) or a lack of awareness of where they are in the faith seem to be a couple of the common ones. 

Those on a higher level also have a possibility of being prideful and becoming complacent because there could be few that they could look up to in their circle of friends. 

No matter where we are in faith, we need to realize we are not “there” yet and won’t be until we pass from this life to the next.  Continued growth and faith are needed. 

In the meantime, let us have patience with ourselves and with each other.  God puts us in churches for a reason and it is not to bicker and complain.  We are to help each other in His awesome mission of showing the world His love.  What better way to do that than love each other first.


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