Hating on Heroes

Alright, Heroes is my favorite television show right now.  Being a long-time geek makes me enjoy the various powers that the characters possess.  Last year was an enjoyable ride with plenty of payoffs in each show.  But this year….

This year there are too many stinkin’ characters, the action is slow and methodical, and we have no idea where it is going.  I watch each episode hoping for clues, but come up empty-handed.  It is beginning to feel a little bit like Lost with very little sense of direction.

I’m not ready to give up, though.  There are very few shows these days that depict the struggle of good vs. evil as well as this one.  So speed it up, already.


2 thoughts on “Hating on Heroes

  1. First of all, you gave up on Lost way too early. Season 3 was the best of the lot. Second, you’re right that there are too many characters on Heroes. A great example of human frailty. Be an great example of Godly mercy and grace….don’t give up on it. See it through. Have mercy, dear brother, have mercy.

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