Halloween Anyone?

Every year as a child I dressed up in a costume on Oct. 31st and begged for candy and I didn’t end up as a devil worshipper.  Imagine that.

Some of you believe that Halloween is the “devil’s night” and do not allow your children to participate.  If that is the case, more power to you.  But please do not look down on those who partake of this rite of childhood.

I always enjoyed the process of picking out a costume and finding out what others had decided to dress up as.  My brother and I would get into our Dad’s old Ford Grenada and he would drive us to some of our relatives’ houses to get candy.  That worked wonderfully, except at Aunt Viola’s house.  She was about a thousand years old and smelled of Vick’s vapor rub.  Every year, without fail, she would give us an apple and a banana.  And every year my dad made us say “thank you Aunt Viola.”

My favorite costume ever was when I went as Mork from Mork and Mindy.  When I picked it out, I thought it was a Superman costume.  It wasn’t until I arrived home that I realized that the costume was of the Robin Williams character.  I was despondent at first, begging my parents to take it back.  Unfortunately I had already torn into the package and taken the tag off which in my family was the point of no return.

I came to enjoy that costume, though.  I learned how to do the “nanoo, nanoo” salute and got a few laughs. 

More recently I have participated in my company’s costume contest.  One year I dressed up as a woman and received more compliments that way than I ever have as a man.  Another year I had the letter P written all over my shirt and put black make-up around one of my eyes—“black-eyed peas.”  Ha, Ha.

Anyway, if you are one that dislikes Halloween, please don’t hate on it too much.  We are supposed to have a little fun in life.  Nothing says fun to me like taking candy from strangers.


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