Lessons Learned

Since my wife is approaching the end of her first trimester (thank God), I thought I would post a few of the lessons learned.  Consider this a lesson to all of you who haven’t experienced this yet.

When your wife is in her first tri-mester….

1.  You can not do or say anything right.  Quit trying.  Say whatever you want and then prepare for a) crying, b)to hear all of your mistakes from the first time she ever laid eyes on you, or c) nothing; which means she’ll just fuss at you later.

2.  You like the way your wife looks even though her shape has changed a little, but she detests it and will not believe you when you say she is still beautiful.  Her hair will look better and her skin clearer, but all she sees is her belly and butt expanding, so you can’t win.

3.  Logic is no longer a factor in any conversations or decisions.  It’s all emotion, baby, so sit down, buckle up, and do your best to survive the ride.

4.  “Only a few more months” will become a motto that will replay itself in your mind over and over and over.  Do not say this to your wife.  She will think that you are not enjoying her pregnancy which will lead to more “communication” than you will ever want or have need for. 

5.  You will make it past and eventually hold a fantastic little baby in your arms while all of the above turns into distant, far away memories.

 Only a week before the 2nd tri-mester (and happier days) begin.  Do I get a medal or something?


2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

  1. Well, frankly I don’t know what to say! The 1st Trimest is not that bad. Actually, it is the best time of pregnancy. Yes, things change a little, but you for sure are pretty comfortable, and you can still shave your legs!~ It couldn’t be that bad for you, Matt. I was pretty sad reading this post, because I almost wondered if Kristy reads your blog. If so, you should delete it! Pregnancy is not what you should be worried about, it is the nursing and the pain afterwards, that is the hard part!!! Can’t wait to see you guys and to meet your kids. You should send me some pics! I would love to see them.

  2. No, it’s not that bad. This was after a particularly trying week with me dealing with an injured ankle and her being as emotional as she could be. It was really meant to be more “tongue-in-cheek” funny than anything. The main way we try to deal with tough weeks is to laugh at them. She does it, too, so I don’t feel too bad about it. I’ll try to get some pics to you. I may send you a link to Kristy’s myspace page–it has pics on it.

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