Just Like Life

Tennessee’s game with Kentucky was a microcosm of their season.  It was full of ups and downs.  My heart rate is just now getting back to normal.  What a great ride it was—especially since the Vols won!

It is indicative of how their season has gone.  One week all hope is lost.  The next, there is hope.  The week after that, Phil Fulmer is the worst coach that ever lived.  The week after that, it’s all good again.

Why do I like sports?  There are a lot of reasons, many based upon the happy moments from my childhood.  Some of the best times with my dad had to do with playing or watching sports. 

One of the other reasons though is that what happens in sports very much resembles what happens in life.  There are ups and there are downs.  Sometimes you are the hero and sometimes you are the goat.  If you fail, well there’s always next time.  If you succeed, it does not mean that you will keep succeeding.  It is a rollercoaster. 

 The way that athletes and coaches handle adversity is a good way to teach and be taught how to handle problems that happen in life.  Sometimes they give us good examples and sometimes the examples leave much to be desired. 

I’m thankful for the lessons I learned in watching and playing sports.  Perserverance, dedication, and teamwork all come to mind. 

Do some people go overboard in their fandom?  Sure they do.  But so far I’ve not fallen into this trap.  We have to keep everything in perspective.  Life is not football, but football often mirrors life.


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