When Will I Learn?

I’ve preached about patience before always with the same consequences.  Every time I’ve done this, things happen that same day or a day later that try my patience.  It has happened too frequently to merely be coincidence.  It is like God is telling me “Okay, you’ve preached it, now see if you can live it.”  I’ve done well before, but I’ve also failed miserably.

In spite of this happening in the past, I preached on patience again Sunday morning.  When will I ever learn?  The message was from James 5:12-17, and I think I faithfully brought the message that I was supposed to.  Then, my patience was tested.

I came home after church with my 3 boys.  Kristy and Noelle went to a baby shower.  I tried to get a few things done around the house while putting the boys down for a nap.  That absolutely did not work.  They would not be quiet or still and went on continuous marches to the bathroom.  I lost my patience. 

Later I got aggravated by the actions of someone that I have had problems with in the past.  Outwardly, I kept myself in check.  Inwardly, not so much.

Then we went to McDonald’s and I had to wait an inordinant amount of time.  Again, outwardly I did ok, but not so inwardly. 

I’m sure there will be other things that test my patience in the coming days.  I pray that God will help me to react in a righteous way and not like I want to. 

In the future, I’ll still preach on patience, but I’ll make sure that I’m prayed up and ready for aggravations to arise.  I know they will.  I need to be ready.


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