The Vols Lose (Oh, Well)

The University of Tennessee’s Football Team fell short in the SEC Championship Game to the LSU Tigers.  Am I disappointed in the outcome?  Yes.  Am I disappointed in the season?  Not at all.

 Before the season I thought that 9-3 would be a great record for this team with questions at receiver, offensive line, deffensive line, secondary, and special teams.  Truthfully, I figured we would be much worse and lose to California, Florida, Georgia, Arkansas, and maybe even South Carolina in route to a 3rd or 4th place finish in the SEC East. 

The team exceeded my expectations and, if most Vol Fans are honest, their expectations were exceeded as well.

After the beat downs from California, Florida, and especially Alabama, I gave up on the season.  I began to joke that at least we still had a chance to win a championship… basketball.  But the team didn’t give up, it didn’t quit even though it would have been easy to do so.

So they started winning and kept winning.  When they were down, they got back up.  When they blew leads, they found a way to win.  Even tonight, when it seemed all hope was lost the defense held and the Vols had another chance.  It is only when Erik Ainge’s pass was intercepted that the dream died.

But I’m still not disappointed in their season.  I will remember the team’s resiliency and the exciting victories.  I will remember the plays by the hometown boy, Dennis Rogan.  I will remember Coach Fulmer’s goofy grin after the close wins.  I will remember Eric Berry’s athleticism and the toughness shown by so many. 

While I am sad that the Vols lost, I will remember that  they made the season exciting even after we all thought that they were down for the count. 

No one thought that they would be in Atlanta, but they were.  Not many people gave them a chance to win, but they had their chances.  They came up a little short, but sometimes that’s the best that can be done.  I think that the team gave it their best shot and for that I am grateful. 

I commend their resiliency, their toughness, and their positive attitude in the face adversity.  If more of us possessed these same attributes, our lives and our world would be better off.



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