A Corrected Obituary–Thankfully

I used to make fun of my grandmother who would read the obituaries in the newspaper on a daily basis.  I would ask her if they all died in alphabetical order again.  Now, I read them almost daily.  It’s a little morbid, I know.  I just can’t keep from perusing them.

I saw one on Tuesday that really bothered me.  It was for a 25 year old man whose smiling picture accompanied the obituary.  After the name, it read “age 25 of knoxville passed away unrepentantly on Friday, November 30th.” 

I was shocked.  I realize that there are people who die this way, but why in the world would this statement be in an obituary?  I looked up the word unrepentant and found that one of the definitions is “without remorse,” so I hoped that it meant that the person had lived a good life without regrets.

But I doubted that this was the case.  It really bothered me and the other people that I told about it.

Then the next day it was corrected.  It read “age 25 of Knoxville passed away unexpectedly.

What a difference one word makes!  I hope the family is not too distraught at the mistake that was made.  It was surely a horrible one.


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