It’s A ……


We (Me, Kristy, our 4 kids, and my parents-in-law) went to the doctor today and found out that Kristy is carrying a baby girl.  Excited is an understatement for how we feel.

This wasn’t supposed to happen.  Years ago, Kristy and I found out that we probably would not be able to have biological children.  After praying and thinking about it, we decided to become foster/adoptive parents.  That’s how we were blessed with our first 4 children.  We got Noelle when she was 1 month (she’s 6 now), Bradley when he was almost 11 months (he’s 4 now), Jonathan when he was 3 days (he’s 3 now), and Matthew when he was 2 months (he’s 3 now, too). 

Then in September, during a regular check-up, Kristy found out that she was pregnant.  When she told me, I almost didn’t believe it.  It has become more and more real to us.  Today it was very real.

 We’ve never experienced this part of pregnancy before.  Seeing the pictures of the baby and how she moved, seeing her face and her toes and her feet and everything else.  It was overwhelming.

I thank God for His blessings and pray that everything keeps going well.


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