Knox County Commission and God

Here is a story about a resolution passed by Knox County Commission:

 I guess that it could be called the “God resolution.”  It urges “all American citizens who have similar beliefs to proclaim to every level of government its responsibility to publicly recognize God as the foundation of our National Heritage.”

You may not be aware of all the goings on with this Commission.  If you are, you probably agree with me that they should focus more on following God’s teachings (telling the truth, forgiving others, treating people as you want to be treated, having integrity) than on passing a resolution about God.

It’s much more difficult to follow God than it is to use God’s name for your own purposes.  I, like everyone, often fail to live up to the high standards from Scripture, so I am thankful for God’s awesome grace.  I pray that more people experience His grace and learn to lean upon Him in order to be all that they were made to be.


2 thoughts on “Knox County Commission and God

  1. I think it’s another example of politicians misusing God’s name while forgetting one of the commandments “Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain.”

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