Biscuit and Mercy (Part 3)

Biscuit, our hyper little chihuahua, has learned a new trick.  It’s not really a trick, I don’t suppose.  It’s more of a psychological problem.  He has begun chasing his tail.

 Kristy said he has been doing it for about a week, but I had not witnessed this phenomenon until tonight.  He looks toward his rear, sees his tail, and goes after it with a vengeance.  Around and around he goes until he either catches it or grows bored with the hunt. 

 It’s not long, though, before he’s at it again.  Earlier this evening, he was sitting on the couch when he started going after his tail.  He chased it with such force that he hurled himself off of the couch onto his back. 

This is really a pointless endeavor.  There is no reason for it and his energy could be better spent doing something else.  But for some reason, he is continually drawn to it again and again.

This seems strangely similar to how we often act in our lives.  We get involved in fruitless activities that waste our time and energy that could be better spent doing something else.  Running around in circles may make it seem like we are accomplishing something, but we usually end right back where we started.

Taking inventory of how we live our lives is important.  This is one thing that I usually do as the year winds down.  Have I been running in circles or have I really been doing things that make a difference? 

Hopefully, you have grown in the past year.  If not, go ahead and change.  If nothing else, it will keep you from getting as dizzy as you head into 2008.

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