“Be still and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10). 

Something is missing in the lives of Christians and in most of our churches.  We have bible studies and singing, preaching and praising and programs.  But there is a lack of stillness.

It seems that we are afraid of stillness, or at the very least it is strange to us.  One reason may be that stillness is accompanied by silence.  Complete (or close to complete) silence is very foreign to us.  This struck me a few days ago as I was pumping gasoline.  The sky looked beautiful with various hues of blue, purple, and orange vying for my attention.  It was as if God were speaking to me through the splendor of nature until I noticed the music being pumped into the environment via the speakers mounted high above my head. 

When I read my Bible, many times there is noise from my kids, my animals, my wife, or the T.V.  When I pray, there is usually a little bit of noise.  At church, every moment seems to be filled with music, or praying, or preaching. 

Being still and silent is a lost art that, if brought back, could greatly enrich our relationgship with God.  It is stillness and silence that speaks the mystery of God to my heart.  Not every moment has to be filled up with stuff if it is filled up with Him. 

That’s a challenge for me this year; to find ways to experience the transcendent God through moments of quiet meditation about His unreachable greatness.  I want to know God more intimately.   In this endeavor, silence is truly golden.


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