Ban the Buckeyes

THE Ohio State University needs to be banned from THE National Championship game after getting pounded once again by a team from THE Southeastern Conference.

Enough is enough.  Two straight Championship Games, two straight embarassing losses.  No matter what Ohio State’s record is next year, they should not be allowed to play for #1 if they have to go up against an SEC school. 

In all honesty, the reason that Ohio State has such a weak schedule is because their state legislature forces them to play the smaller in-state schools.  After that, they do not play everyone in the Big Ten and they do not have a conference title game.

Teams from the SEC are more battle-tested and much tougher and it shows in the game that matters most. 

I’ll give OSU respect.  They were able to make it through their season and into the Championship Game.  Next year, though, they should just stay at home unless they are matched up against a team from anywhere outside the SEC.

(To those of you who don’t know–I’m just kidding about all of this stuff.  Some people take all of this far too seriously.  Regardless of who wins football games, basketball games, or even presidential elections, all that really matters is the God loves us.  So, please, no angry comments.  As the saying goes “Any team can beat any other team on any given day.”  It was just LSU’s day.)


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