Finally on Myspace

Resistance was futile.

I held off getting my own myspace page as long as I could.  When others would ask me if I had one yet, I always held my head high and answered with an emphatic “NO!”  But myspace finally sucked me into its vortex, seemingly against my own will.

Kristy was sick all night long and all day, so I stayed home from work in case she needed to go to the doctor and to be with the kids.  I had some free time and thought it was time to join up.  Many teens (and adults) in the church I just left and in the one that I just started communicate using myspace, so I thought I would get on board.

If you want to check it out, you can visit

And if you don’t have a myspace page yet, go ahead and sign up.  Quit fighting it–you won’t win.


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