Toward Better Health–Again (Part 2)

It’s been an up and down kind of week.  On one hand, I’ve done well in finding time to exercise and in drinking water like I need to.  I’ve been going to the exercise facility at work during my lunch break and getting on the elliptical machine for 30-40 minutes.  But on the other hand, I’m finding it hard to stay away from the sweets like I want to.  Curse those chocolate no-bake cookies!

In spite of the up-and-downness, I have managed to lose 4 pounds.  So I am now at 328 pounds.  Not a horrible start, but I can do better. 

I need some healthy snacks to eat instead of junk and I need to learn to like vegetables not drenched in butter.  They say that “a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”   In my case it is “a journey of 72 pounds begins with 4.”

After the first week: 328 pounds (-4 for the week, -4 total).  Here’s hoping for an even better 2nd week. 


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