Toward Better Health Again (Part 3)


I exercised every day and did not lose a single, stinking, pound.  Last Friday I weighed 328 and today I weigh 328. 

What went wrong?  Well, for starters, I made a quick trip to North Carolina last weekend and ate everything in sight.  Also, while I did okay on not eating as much through the day this week, at night I screwed up on a regular basis.  Apparently, no matter how much you exercise, if you eat a bunch you will not lose weight.

Regardless of that, I am not giving up.  I feel better–not getting as winded when walking upstairs, more spring in my step, and more energy in general.  Plus, I am almost to my goal of losing 6 pounds for the month–only 2 more to go with 2 weeks left.

I think I’ll make it.  If only I can lay off of the Swiss Cake Rolls.

After 2 weeks–328 pounds (-4 total, -0 for the week).


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