What Do You Lack?

Yesterday morning I preached about the “rich young ruler” from the 10th chapter of Mark.  If you know the story, then you know what happens at the end.  Jesus tells the man that he needs to sell all that he has, give it away, and follow Him.  The man leaves very sorrowfully because he had many possessions and was not willing to give them up.

What we can learn from this is that we must have our priorities in order with our relationship with Jesus being #1.  But there are several things that we can learn about what the rich young ruler did right.

1.  He had the right enthusiasm.  The bible says that he ran to Jesus and cut right to the chase with his question.  How different this is from so many people who claim to be Jesus.  We often live passionless lives and rarely get excited about the our faith. 

2.  He had the right position.  When he made it to Jesus he kneeled down, indicating humility.  When approaching Jesus, we need to remember that He is greater than we are.  We do not know it all, but He does.

3.  He had the right question.  He asked Jesus, “What must I do to inherit eternal life?”  More than anything else, this is the question that we must get the answer to.

4.  He had the right morals.  He knew the law and had kept it.  So often those of us who follow Jesus shrug our shoulders at our sins.  We need to strive to be holy.

In spite of all this, he made the wrong decision because he was consumed with his possessions.  Jesus, however, makes it clear that it is possible for us all to change and become better. 

His grace is truly amazing.


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