Heath Ledger’s Death

I just found out about Heath Ledger’s passing.  There are few details right now, but regardless of what is found out, it is still a sad occurrence.

What I’m wondering is this—How long will it be before some right-wing nut calls his death divine punishment for Ledger playing a gay cowboy in Brokeback Mountain?  You know it will probably happen, I know it will probably happen, but there is nothing we can do to stop it. 

Unfortunately, there are some who claim to speak for God when, in fact, they should just keep their ignorant, hurtful comments to themselves. 

My prayers go out to Ledger’s family and friends during this trying time.  May they find help and hope in the arms of God.


8 thoughts on “Heath Ledger’s Death

  1. I agree. I consider myself deeply right-wing, and very conservative, but I will never go so far as to say that he “deserved” this death.

    I am deeply saddened by it, as I am deeply saddened to hear of anyone dying of any cause, especially when they’re so young and so close to my age. My prayers and thoughts are with his family.

    I just hope and pray he was saved.

  2. Australian radio picked this up, and used it as an excuse to do some Christian bashing. There was also a cringe-inducing interview with a Westboro Baptist spokeswoman. I just hope the general public understands that we don’t all think alike.

  3. It’s unfortunate that a small number of people are able to give all Christians a bad name. It should make those of us who seek to be like Christ work all the more to show compassion and love in our hate-filled world.

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