Go Giants!

I didn’t get to watch much of the game due to going to church and after that going to the hospital (Kristy had some contraction-like feelings, but is fine now), but I am ecstatic about the outcome.

I have no deep-seeded animosity toward the New England Patriots and no particular rooting interest in the New York Giants.  In games like this one, I generally want the underdog to come away victorious.  That definately happened.

SportCenter kept calling Tom Brady “Tom Terrific” and some predicted that the Patriots would score over 40 points.  Eli Manning was called erratic and supposedly would fail in the “big game.”  Neither of them played great, but Eli played good enough to win and came through in the clutch.

It’s amazing that two brothers won the Super Bowl (and the Super Bowl MVP) back to back.  With all the talk of New England possibly making history heading into the game, nothing much was said about that. 

If Peyton couldn’t win, I guess Eli winning it is the next best thing.  Here’s hoping for a Colts-Giants Super Bowl next year.


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