Chris Lofton for 3!

Earlier in the year, the question was “What’s wrong with Chris Loftone?”  He wasn’t hitting his shots and failed to look for his shot like he had in the past. 

With his perfomance in the last few games, including tonight’s blow-out victory over the dreaded Florida Gators, the answer to the previously asked question is—not a thing in the world. 

As Chris has said, he is more concerned with winning than with scoring points.  But the fact is that we are better prepared for victory with Chris lighting it up. 

I appreciate him for more than for his perfomance, though.  I am more happy to see an athlete of his caliber remain humble than anything else.  Whether he realizes this or not-he is an outstanding role model to every young person who loves the game of basketball (and for those who do not, for that matter).  He’s unselfish, plays hard, and deflects praise. 

Thanks Chris for having your head on straight.  I hope that more athletes will learn to behave the same.


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