A Love Poem to God

I’ve struggled with sin for so long,

You’ve been so right, I’ve been so wrong. 

When will I triumph over my sin?

When will true closeness to You begin?

“At the cross” you reply with a strong voice,

“My Son made the ultimate choice,

He took your sin and nailed it there with Him

So that your time being near Me could begin.

So don’t fail to praise Me with all you are

Because your sins were forgiven through His scars.”

Your love for me, o God, is beyond compare,

But I’ll do all I can to lay my sould bare

So that you can see that my love is true

All my days I will spend praising You.

 (I realize this is not the best poem ever–it’s not even in the top 1,000,000,000,000–but it’s what I am feeling at the moment).


16 thoughts on “A Love Poem to God

  1. wow! its an amazing poem dont stop wriiting your heart out to him,
    you cant begin to imagine where he can take you

    god bless Jimena

  2. i liked it alot you should keep going,
    this could be God’s message, secretly showing.
    while i’m at it, i should thank you aswell,
    for those words you wrote did make me well.

  3. Great poem! Don’t stop! To you it may not be the best poem but to God, it is #1. He loves you so very much and is so very proud of you. Stay encouraged and keep on loving, and praising, and worshiping the one and only G.O.D. and the savior, Jesus Christ! May God continue to use you and bless you all of your days.

  4. I loved it–great job. What I’d really like to see you do is a poem of how much He loves us. You could use the parable Jesus told about how He found a gem in a field, hid it, and went home and sold everything He had so that He could purchase the field so that He could have and cherish that gem (us), as inspiration. He loves us so much–we have no idea. Like John says, “the one that Jesus loves.” John focused on Jesus’ love for him, while Peter focused on his love for Jesus. Peter denied Christ with cursing, and John was given a great revelation of Jesus (the book of Revelation).

    I’ll watch for a poem like that.

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