Toward Better Health–Again (Part 7)

Well, I lost 3 pounds–again.  That put me down to 319.  How am I doing it?  Little by little.

As I’ve written before, I’ve been on a cycle of loss and gain for several years.  I’m not losing as much as I normally do once I start trying, but I think that it is for the better.  In the past, when I have pressed to lose weight more quickly, I have given up rather easily.  This time, I don’t feel like giving up.  I have a deep desire to press on.  Mainly for 3 reasons.

1.  I have four children (ages 6,5,4,and 3) and one more on the way.  I need energy to play with them and I would like to live to an old age so that I can see who they will become later in life.  God has blessed me with them and I see their well-being as my responsibility.  I need to be an example to them and desparately desire to be there for them as long as possible.  Of course, weighing less does not ensure long life.  However, I do not wish to dig my grave with my own teeth, either.

2.  I need to be an example to my church.  I preach about people denying their lusts and yet can not control my lust for food.  It is amazing the number of overweight prechers.  I am one of them now, but that is changing (hopefully for good).

3.  For me.  I want to feel better, have more energy and confidence, and know that I did not let my weight issue defeat me.

So after 1 month and 3 weeks–319 pounds (-2 for the week, -5 for the month, -13 overall).

(If anyone is interested in helping a church be all it can be, please click on “To Help a Church” at the top of this page)


2 thoughts on “Toward Better Health–Again (Part 7)

  1. I applaud you for your determination! Believe me, I understand your plight. My weight goes up and down like a rollercoaster. I found a new online calorie & progress counting site called It’s been so helpful to track exactly what I eat…yikes…eye-opening, too!

    Best of luck on your quest toward better health.

  2. Thanks a bunch. It is difficult–but important. I describe it as “the fight of my life.” Determination is key as is encouragement. I appreciate your words.

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