Chicken-n-Dumplins for Jesus

Our church had an official welcome lunch for us after the church service this morning.  I don’t believe that I’ve ever seen so much food.  Previously, I mentioned to them my love for Chicken-n-Dumplins.  I believe that they will be served in Heaven, along with Rocky Road ice cream.  Because of this, there were about 6 pots of Chicken-n-Dumplins brought to the lunch.

After the church service tonight, Kristy’s aunt gave me a large portion of her Chicken-n-Dumplings to take home with us.  It was enough for several days worth of lunch.  However, that all changed before we made it home.

 While pumping gas at a station on Strawberry Plains Pike, a man approached me stating that he and his wife did not have $ for gas, nor did they have any food.  He didn’t really give more details, but I felt compelled to do what I could.  I told him that I could put some gas in his tank and offered to buy him some food at McDonald’s.  Then I remembered that I had the Chicken-n-Dumplings and told him that he could have them or McDonalds food, or both.  He chose the Chicken-n-Dumplings.

The Bible says that when we do something for people in need, we are doing it for Jesus.  So, in essence, I gave Jesus some Chicken-n-Dumplings tonight.  I hope He was pleased.

Really, I wish that I could do more for people.  However, we do what we can do.  I gave the man advice on some services that I am aware of and was able to tell him about God’s love.  He was appreciative and seemed hopeful.  He said that with our help, he thinks he’ll be ok.  I pray that this is the case.

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