The Feeling Has Faded

What excitement on Saturday Night as the Big Orange defeated the Memphis Tigers.

What jubilation as we were crowned the #1 team in the land.

What joy in being the top dog in college basketball.

Those feelings have faded now that we have lost to the despised Vanderbilt Commodores.  Yes, we had to play in their lame, elementary school gym.  Yes, the officiating was horrible.  But, we still lost.

I’m going to keep cheering on the Vols, though.  We could still win the SEC and make some noise in both the SEC and NCAA tournaments.  Who knows, we may even see Vanderbilt again down the line.

If we do, it won’t be in their pathetic excuse for a gym. 


By the way, all of this is similar to what happens after a person becomes a Christian.  At first, there are feelings of euphoria and magnificent gladness.  The renewed person feels like they are on top of the world and everything is beautiful from that viewpoint.

Then….sometimes in a matter of just a few hours, or a few days, or weeks, because of normal everyday problems and possibly more serious ones, the feeling begins to fade.  Often, this causes the person to lose heart.

But a person’s faith should not depend upon a feeling.  Feelings are a part of it, I suppose.  But mainly it is based upon committment.  Jesus loves me and I love Him.  I have put my trust in Him and no matter what I feel like, the committment He made to me remains.

In being a Vol fan, I will be a fan regardless of what happens throughout the season.  In being a believer, I will remain one regardless of what happens throughout life.  Good feelings are great, but the knowledge that my faith doesn’t depend on them is even better.

(Note to readers:  If you feel compelled to assist a church in being all that it can be, please click on “To Help a Church” at the top of this page)


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