1st Day of Prayer Revival

Today was our 1st day of our Prayer Revival.  Don Pierson, Prayer Ministries Specialist of the Tennessee Baptist Convention, preached during both services.  Both of the sermons were powerful with a great response from people desiring a more dynamic prayer life.

This morning, Don spoke about being hungy and longing for God and for God’s blessings.  The Bible says that God fills the hungry heart and satisfies the longing.  Prayer, if it is to be effective, must come from a contrite, desiring heart.  Every word that we speak reveals what is in our heart.  A mind prayer won’t do–it must come from the heart.

Tonight, Don spoke of the 3 types of prayers and about praying for the lost.  The 3 main types of prayer are:  1. Crisis prayers–praying for healing, trials, other such issues; 2.  Calling prayers–prayers for God’s guidance and for what He has called us to do; 3.  Kingdom prayers–those prayers that focus on the building of God’s kingdon such as prayers for the lost and the wayward.  He said, rightly, that all too often we just pray crisis prayers, sometimes calling prayers, but we hardly ever get around to Kingdom prayers.  The Bible tells us to seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things (our worries when we are in crisis) will be added to us.  So when we focus on Kingdom prayers first, everything else falls into place.

Also, from Matthew 9, he told of Jesus telling His disciples to pray that the Lord of the harvest would send forth laborers.  So praying for the lost means praying for laborers to go to the lost.  He also proclaimed that we should be willing to be the laborers.

On a personal note, we went out to eat with Don and his wife Tricia after church this morning and had a nice time in fellowship with them.  One thing that impressed me about Don is that before the meal he engaged in a conversation with the waitress before the food arrived, asked her if she had any thing he could pray for her about (she did–her 8 yr old son has autism), and invited her to pray with us when our food arrived.  When the food came, the waitress held hands and prayed with us.  What a wonderful way to show the love of Christ.

 I’m looking forward to what tomorrow night holds.


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