The 4th Day of Prayer Revival

The 4th, and final, day of Prayer Revival was last night.  It focused on blessing others with our mouths and with what we do instead of being a curse.

Matthew 5:44 is one of the main verses.  It speaks of blessing those that curse us and praying for those who persecute us.  The blessing it is talking about is not mainly things that we do.  The the Jewish mind, a blessing is something that is said over someone.  This is part of prayer.  Asking God to bless those who do us wrong with His presence and by bringing them into communion with Him.  Doing things for them is important, but praying for them is also.

Don also spoke from Proverbs 11:11–“By the blessing of the upright the city is exalted: but it is overthrown by the mouth of the wicked.”  We must bless our city with our mouths and deeds.  Praying for where you live to be a place where God’s word is heard, where people respond to Him, and where the deeds of satan are overcome with the Power of God. 

Christians must be givers of life and not takers.  He used the story of Abraham and Lot to illustrate this.  Abraham was blessed by God giving him the promised land.  Abraham then blessed Lot by giving it to him as well.  Continually Abraham was a giver, doing unto Lot what God did unto him.  Doing this shows that we understand that to be blessed means that we are to be a blessing.  Lot, on the other hand, only took for himself and it cost him everything.

May we be like Abraham–giving, loving, and being a blessing in our world. 

While I’m sad that the prayer revival is over, I praise God for giving us this time of renewal.  I pray that those who were touched will continue on with the fire and with what we learned.  I pray that God transformed us over the last few days and that we carry it on with us with a desire for God and His will that burns brighter with each passing day.

To Don: thank you for your love of God and your faithfulness in bringing His message and thank you for being a friend. 


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