Hobby Lobby

Crafts were never “my thing.”  Come to think of it, I was never any good at anything remotely artsy and never got much enjoyment from being made to do a craft-like project of any kind.  There were a few things that I did at craft time during Vacation Bible School that I found to be ok–but for the most part I tried to avoid doing crafts.

I guess this is why I haven’t spent much time inside of any Hobby Lobby stores.  Hobby Lobby is a store for crafts and materials to make things.  But even though I hope to never enter a Hobby Lobby, I now respect them deeply.

Yesterday I opened the front page of the Knoxville News-Sentinel and on page three saw an amazing full-page add.  It showed a hill with three crosses and had the awesome statement of:  “Because He lives, you can have eternal life.”  Along with this it had a paraphrase of Romans 10:9 as well as a phone # to call if you would like to know more about Christ (1-888-NEED-HIM).  You can see this add here:  http://www.hobbylobby.com/site3/ministry/.

This add was paid for by Hobby Lobby.  I don’t know much about their business nor do I care about making crafts, but I do care a lot about Jesus and am grateful to them for running this add.

Take a look at the site and drop them a note telling them thanks.  We should encourage those who spread the Gospel message.

(note to readers:  If you want to assist a church striving to help people, please click on “To Help a Church” at the top of this page)


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