The Vols Go Down

The season of dreams is now over.  Boy, those were hard words to write.

After a school-record # of wins and the first outright SEC title in 41 years, the University of Tennessee men’s basketball team has played its final game.  I had hoped for at least one more.  Unfortunately we ran into a team in Louisville that has been on a tear as of late.

While I am sad about the game, I am happy about the season.  Actually, the last 3 years have been better than I could have ever imagined.  I’ve lived through some pretty sorry basketball around here so the recent success has been uplifting.

Many thanks to Chris Lofton for his competitiveness, humilty, and all of those 3-pointers.  Many thanks to JaJuan for being an unsung hero–his energy seemed boundless.  Many thanks to Jordan Howell for perservering when others would have quite.  Those 3 seniors made it through some tough times to provide precious memories for the Vol Faithful.

And thanks to Bruce Pearl, who has made Tennessee Basketball exciting again.  I hope he sticks around for years to come.

Go Vols!

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