Long Time, No Blog

It’s been a while since my last entry–a lot of things going on and not a lot of extra time/energy to keep up with this.  So–here are a few “quick hits.”

1.  Pregnancy is still going well.  Kristy is feeling awfully tired (as well as feeling bigger and bigger).  We’ve gotten a few recent ultrasound picures recently and go for more tomorrw.  Kristy thinks that Mary Hope looks like me–lucky girl.

2.  Our other kids are doing great.  They helped a lot in the yard this evening, picking up sticks so I could mow. 

3.  Everything is going well at church.  God is really blessing us–one accepted Jesus as her savior this past Sunday. 

4.  My quest to lose weight is still going on.  I finished the month of March at 315.  That is a 17 pound drop from my starting weight of 332.  The average weight loss I was shooting for was 6 pounds a month, which I have almost hit.

Overall, life is good; because God is good.


2 thoughts on “Long Time, No Blog

  1. You are a blessing to our earthly family and our church family. God is blessing everywhere we turn and it is very exciting to see this – especially in our own family. Mary Hope is a blessing to all of us as well as Noelle, Bradley, Jonathan, Matthew and, of course, Kristy. Always know you are loved – thank you for being you!!!

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