A Dash of Sarcasm

Because Noelle (age 6) is adopted, she has no physical traits passed on to her from me.  Sure, we look a little alike, the way that a lot of people do.  What resemblance there is has nothing to do with my genes though.  However, there are other things that I have passed on to her, like my sarcasm.

This is not necessarily a trait that I am proud of.  Taken in small doses, though, it is not too bad.  I have seen this in Noelle a few times, but the dash of sarcasm she used recently may be a precusor of things to come.

When Kristy picked Noelle up from school on Friday, the 3 boys where in the Expedition with her.  When she got in a buckled up, she heard Bradley (age 5) singing a song from The Backyardigans to the top of his lungs. 

Noelle:  Did you watch Backyardigans today Bradley?

Bradley:  No (and he kept singing).

Noelle:  So, it is Happy Singing Moron Day or something?

Kristy tried not to laugh, but to no avail.  Lord help us as she gets closer to the teenage years.


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